• $50 Club Dues (Due at first meeting in January) Non-refundable.
• $70 Entry Fee Per Boat
• Saturday or Sunday fish
• 5 fish limit per boat
• Payout will be based on the number of teams.

2019 RULES

*If you are here to try and change rules or complain, this club is not for you.*

This is a closed circuit club. Paid members only.

1. Tournament contestants must follow all Louisiana laws and rules pertaining to watercraft and game and fish on the body of water being fished. This includes having your stern light higher than your motor so it can be seen from a 360° angle anywhere on the body of water.

2. If your big motor is running, you must have on a life jacket with the kill switch attached.

3. Call an officer if you are having trouble on the water and are in need of assistance. This includes mechanical or navigational issues.

4. You are subject to a poly-graph test at any tournament.

5. You must be a paid member before the March Toledo Bend tournament if you intend on going. New members will pay for their own room and board at the Toledo Bend tournament. Money must be paid to N.C.B.A. since we will acquire the rooms.

6. Participant must fish six of the eight tournaments to qualify for Angler of the Year title.

7. You may have an alternate partner two times.

8. Guests are not allowed to fish in a club tournament unless it is one of your alternates.

9. You may fish Saturday or Sunday. If you are fishing Saturday, you may not be on that body of water on Sunday and vice versa. The ONLY exception would be if you are fishing another major circuit not another club. (Examples are FOM, Media and ABA)

10. Off-limits is four days. You cannot fish after 12 a.m. Tuesday prior to the tournament.

11. You and your partner may only have FIVE fish (dead or alive) in your boat at all times. Disqualification applies if caught.

12. You must have a current/valid fishing license.** Be prepared to show them at the first tournament weigh-in.**

13. No alcohol or drugs during tournament hours in your possession. You will be disqualified and/or ejected from the club. This includes showing up under the influence at a club function or tournament.

14. All members are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy towards others, safety, conservation and obey all laws during club activities. Any member who displays poor sportsmanship, violates the club rules the state fishing laws or lake rules or bashes the club will be expelled from the club.

15. Only artificial lures may be used.

16. No type Alabama rigs allowed.

17. There is a 12” minimum on all fish with the exception of Toledo Bend which is 14”.

18. No slot fish on slot lakes. A courtesy bump will be granted if requested.

19. No trolling.

20. 1/2 pound penalty for dead fish.

21. This is a point system based club. a) 1 point per pound   b) Each team will get 10 points for participating in the tournament   c) If you and your partner both have on club shirts that will result in another 10 points. A single boater with a club shirt on still receives 10 points.

22. Trailering is not allowed with the exception of Toledo Bend only.

23. Tournament participants may not fish within 50 yards of another participant.

24. Day tournaments will start at safe daylight. Specific times will be announced the morning of each tournament. Night tournaments are to be from 9 p.m. – 5 a.m..

25. If you will be late to a tournament you must contact a board member to have your boat checked. (In some cases you may be able to Face Time the board member.) You must pay your entry fee before you weigh-in.

26. Boat must be banked or trailered by weigh-in time.

27. Any prospective member 17 years of age or younger will require a parent or guardian as a partner.

28. No pro or semi-pro fisherman allowed.

29. We reserve the right to deny membership to anyone.

30. North Central Bass Anglers is a non-profit organization. We will provide a copy of the bank statement for viewing at each meeting.

31. North Central Bass Anglers, LLC and its officers will not be responsible for any accidents or theft.

32. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILTY OF EACH MEMBER TO KNOW AND UNDERSTAND THESE RULES. Any interpretation or clarification of the rules will be determined by the president or board members.

Additional things you need to know…

• If you cannot fish on your chosen day due to boat trouble a board member will be chosen to take you out.
• It will be the tournament directors’ decision if the weigh-in site needs to be moved.
• The last tournament we will pay out 3 places and add $500 to the pot.
• At the end of the year the funds left in the account minus $600 will be split between Angler of  the Year 60%, 2nd place 25% and 3rd place 15%.


RS 14-214. Fishing or hunting contest fraud.

The crime of fishing or hunting contest fraud is the act of any person, who with intent to defraud, knowingly, makes a false represent in an effort to win any prize awarded in any fishing or hunting contest. When the most valuable prize offered in the contest amounts to a value of less than one hundred dollars, the offender shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars, imprisoned for not more than 6 months, or both. When the most valuable prize offered in the contest amounts to a value of one hundred dollars or more the offender shall be fined not more than three thousand dollars, imprisoned with or without hard labor, for not more than one year or both.